Last Update 2 tahun yang lalu

1.Disable the "Windows Firewall";

2.Disable "UAC" (User Account Control);

3.Disable Windows Defender;

4.Disable (better delete) antivirus program;

5.Delete the "FaceIT / Valorant" anti-cheats, if there are no such programs, then there may be something similar, we recommend deleting them through special programs, for example: Revo Uninstaller, choose the deletion format with a complete registry cleanup of all traces of these programs, after deleting, be sure to restart the computer;

6.Disable Windows SmartScreen (this option is present on Windows 8 and above).

7.Visual C++ Redistributable - install versions from 2010 to 2015.

8.Update DirectX.

9.Disable secure boot.

10.Disable all overlays.

  • teamweaver
  • iddler.exe ,
  • Charles.exe

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