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ENG: Before writing to support, make sure that you have fulfilled all the conditions from the lists below

[1] Driver Error | Failed to load driver


1. Turn off windows Defender manually and remove all antiviruses.(Important)

2. Check if FaceIT is in the system (See FACEIT section)

3. Check whether the anti-cheat from Valorant is installed in the system (If yes, Delete it)

4. Check whether Windows security updates are installed through the update log (If yes, Delete)

5. Turn off Secure Boot mode

6. Turn off Meltdown protected mode

7. Turn off the Spectre protectedFACEIT1 mode. Check if FaceIT is in the system;

1.1 Log in to the Control Panel;

1.2 Next to Uninstall programs;

1.3 Find FaceIT and delete it;

1.4 Open the command prompt, it is also CMD on behalf of the administrator. Write the following command:

net stop FACEIT;

Next, follow the path on your PC: C:\Windows\System32\drivers

Delete the following file: faceit.sys

Next, with the second mouse button, click on disk C - properties - disk cleanup - system file cleanup [Check all the boxes]. Execute, then restart the PC.[2] Error xinput1_3.dll


1. Install directx.

[3] I have FPS to sit down or I can't press anything in the game.


1. Simply turn off the menu with one of the END/INSERT buttons

If it didn't help, then go to the next item.

2. Set the graphics settings of the game to lower.

3. Try to use fewer visual features.

[4] Blue screen when starting the [BSOD] spoofer.


1 - Disable the protection of driver digital signature checks. In more detail.

2 - Enable ANSI mode for Hard drives

3 - Turn off Secure Boot mode

4 - Turn off Windows Defender | Exploit Protection | Kernel Isolation.

[5] Cheat/menu does not appear in the game


1 - Enable Discord Overlay if the instruction requires it.

2 - Check that Overlay appears in the game.

3 - Run Discord as an administrator.

4 - Set Discord high priority in processes.

5 - Disable all third-party overlays like Nvidia, AMD, FRAPS, Origin, Steam, and so on.

6 - Reinstall Discord on the SSD drive.

[6] Error mcvcp140.dll [System]


1 - Install Microsoft Visual C++

[7] Loader does not start, freezes Updater.exe


1 - Disable Windows Defender manually (Completely)

2 - Remove all anti-viruses from your computer

3 - Disable windows firewall (Completely)

4 - Use VPN to run

5 - Move all the dlls from the archive to System32

[8] Universal problem solving


Need to install Visual 2015-2019 Both versions are 64 and 86!

x86 | x64

Also be sure to put the NET Framework


[9] For those who have an integrated graphics card


You need to install drivers for the video card (For rendering software)

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