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What you should know before purchasing our products.

Here at RrR-shop, we try to provide our consumers with the best service and experience possible. But, considering the nature of the softwares sold here, it is important that you, as a consumer, are aware of the consequences that will follow if you use our software.

This page is now a part of our Terms of Service and for everyone's benefit we require you to read and agree to this! Important things that you need to check.

1. Pay attention to what are you purchasing, we are not selling Adobe software, what we are selling are some highly specialized custom softwares!

2. Uninstall (or disable) all anti-virus softwares, Windows defenders, and third party softwares!

3. Make sure to disable your anti-cheat systems. You should uninstall them as they work similiarly to anti-virus softwares!

4. Please make sure that your device supports Windows 10!

5. Please make sure that your version of Windows is a common type like Home or Pro, not something that is different like Enterprise, Education or Insider!

6. Protect your HWID from changing!

Stop Windows from auto updating.

Make sure that you are not planning to change any hardware like external USB drives, hard drives or screens.

DO NOT activate keys on public devices like the ones provided in a net cafe.

Only use the keys on the device that you are planning to play on, never test them on another device!

7. Make sure to disable all exploit protection!

8. Sometimes, the Discord overlay must be enabled.

9. Check whether or not the secure boot should be disabled!

10. Check whether or not virtualization is required!

11. Make sure to update all dependencies so that the software can run smoothly!

Why do I need to disable all anti-virus softwares?

DISCLAIMER: our softwares does not contain viruses or malwares!

As I have said before, many anti-cheat softwares are working similiarly to anti-virus softwares. They scan everything in your device, from binaries to your device's memory.

In order to function properly, our softwares need to avoid from being detected. And to avoid from being detected, we have implemented some tricks to our softwares. For example, they need to be able to read the game's memory and "add" files into certain folders without being noticed by a system that is constantly scanning. What's the secret?

Perhaps you have noticed the behavior that I had just mentioned sounds a bit like like the virus "Trojan Horse".

The first thing any anti-virus software will do when you download our cheats/hacks is to scan the file. However, due to the nature of our cheats/hacks, the anti-virus software will immediately assume that our software is a virus and will take action stop it.

This is why you should disable ALL anti-virus softwares!

Your HWID is your own responsibility!

All softwares are bounded by HWID. Essentially, it comes down to the fact that keys are not allowed to be shared and this is simply the way the software ensures it. The HWID on a PC should never change.

In the rare case where the HWID on a device changes, we will do our best fix it as soon as possible but it is not guaranteed! It is also possible that your license key has expired, and you will new to purchase a new one.

After the payment has been made, we will not entertain any requests for refunds. Thank you!

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